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The Historic Stockyards: Fort Worth, Texas

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Joe T. Garcia's

Joe T. Garcia's was our first stop when we got into Fort Worth. While they aren't located directly in The Stockyards, they are neighbors. Joe T.'s serves the best margaritas in town and have been open since 1935. There is usually a long line to get into the patio, but no worries they serve a pitcher of margaritas while you wait. For all of you indecisive people this restaraunt is just for you, they have a choice of enchiladas or fajiatas on their menu. The nachos are by far my favorite (pictured below) and come with the enchiladas as well as tacos.

Bar Hopping

Since we already pre-gamed at Joe T.'s we were ready to venture out to the stockyards. Our first stop is always the White Elephant Saloon. This bar was talked about in the new show "1883" and is a fun little bar located in the heart of the Stockyards. While you will find an older crowd there you won't be disappointed in the fun to be had.

Next we went to The Basement Bar. This bar is located down the road from The White Elephant, but still within walking distance. We love The Basement Bar because you have no service down there with forces everyone to take a break from their phones and socialize. You will meet LOTS of new friends here.

Another bar located in The Stockyards is called PR's Saloon. This bar usually has a younger crowd and a great dance floor.

There is one more bar we like to visit while we are in town, but I'm saving that one for last. ;)

Social House

The Social House has the best brunch menu. While it is not located in The Stockyards it's only about a 10-15 minute drive and totally worth it! Featured below is a michelada, bloody mary, and a mimosa. The Social House also offers a mimosa flight where you can choose up to 4 flavors. Another cool option is their mimosa tower. The mimosa tower is 100 ounces of champagne with your choice of mixer. If you're feelign like getting your day started ASAP you can always try their Breakfast Shot. Not only do they have great brunch drinks, but the food was amazing and just what we needed after a night out in The Stockyards. ;)

The Drover Hotel

OK. This one I could go on and on and on about. There is nothing I love more than The Drover Hotel. The Drover is located in The Stockyards and is a perfect place for you to lay your head after shopping all day or going out all night. If you ever have a chance to stay the night here DO IT, don't hesitate. I promise you won't regret it. So why The Drover? Well lets see here, the atmosphere is amazzzzing, the drinks are to die for, and the customer service is what I like to call "Chick-fil-a Nice." Need a place to hang your hat? The rooms are 5 star. We stayed there for New Years and they even brought by complementary champagne and New Years Eve hats! Also if you get the sudden urge to shop there are two stores (Wide Brim and Lucchese) located inside The Drover. If you don't have a chance to stay at The Drover, but just want to pop on by to check it out, I recommend that too. A nice drink out on the patio will do.


We shopped til we dropped! Literally...I ended up leaving Fleastyle with 4 new hats (it's addicting). Fleastyle is located in The Stockyards down Mule Alley. It offers great clothing, decor, and accesories, but the reason we went was for The Hat Bar. The Hat Bar lets you pick out a hat (or bring your own), choose accesories, and have a personal stylist help you style your hat to make it your own. The accessories are so much fun to choose from. There are feathers, a bin of matches, dried floral, broches, scarves, and way more! You know what the best part is? These hats won't even break the bank! You definitely will want to add this fun activity to your bucket list.

Cattle Drive

There is a cattle drive that happens at The Stockyards everyday at 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. What is a cattle drive you might ask? Well everyone starts by lining the main road of The Stockyards, and let me tell you it gets packed so get their early! If you line up closer to the East side you will get to learn about the history of The Stockyards from an announcer. Once that is all said and done The Stockyard cowboys drive the real live longhorns down the brick road for everyone to get to see. After you can take pictures with Longhorns.


After a long day of shopping we found ourselves at Cattlemen's, a steakhouse. Pro tip: make reservations. A nice glass of red wine, a big juicy steak, and some blueberry cobbler is all we needed to end our perfect day at The Stockyards.

97 West Kitchen and Bar

Located inside The Drover Hotel is THE 97 West Kitchen and Bar. We made a reservation for brunch and it was DELICIOUS! There wasn't one single thing we didn't like from the drinks to the food to the service. To start out with we had a regular mimosa, blueberry mimosa (my favorite), bloody mary, and coffee. Let me tell you their baristas are fabulous and know exactly what they are doing. I know its brunch, but we had to order an appetizer, whipped feta. Not going to lie I might have even liked the appetizer more than the entree, but still everything was so good! Featured below are the chicken and homemade biscuits, to die for by the way. We also tried the banana foster waffles. If you love sweets for breakfast just indulge and get the waffles, no regrets. Another great breakfast item was avocado toast with brisket on it. Seriously soooo delicious.

Second Rodeo Brewing Company

One question, have you every tried sour beer? No, me neither until I came here! Now I'm not a big beer drinker, but this beer is amazzzzing!You have to try the Lemon Cucumber Sour Beer. The atmosphere here gives me a "Little Woodrow's" vibe which I love. What makes it better than Little Woodrow's? They have a live band! Seriously you have to check this place out before you leave The Stockyards. And hey ladies, wait until you go to the bathroom. Ok that's all I'm going to say. lol!

If you have made it this far, thanks for joining me on my Stockyard adventures. We didn't get to everything while we were here, but you can check out the historic hotel, shop at The Maverick, go to a rodeo at the coliseum, and try out the maze, all located in The Stockyards. Trust me when I say there is fun to be had for all!

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