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The Jewel of Texas: Marathon, Texas

The desert town of Marathon is a true jewel of Texas. It has a population of less than 400 people; the definition of a small town. You go to Marathon to get away from hectic life and truly relax.

The Gage Hotel

There is only one spot you need to lay your head at night and that is the historic Gage Hotel, established in 1927. The Gage Hotel offers excellent customer service, superb casitas, pool amenities, spa days, and we can't forget about the excellent 12-Gage Restaraunt and White Buffalo Bar.

The Gage Wellness Spa

The hotel recently expanded in Summer of 2021 and opened The Gage Wellness Spa. The spa is located just next to The Gage Hotel and is in walking distance, as is everything there. The Spa offers massages, wraps, scrubs, facials, and packages. I recently had a facial and it was the most relaxing thing I have done at The Gage. Not to mention, the spa also has a hydrotherapy spa pool for you to enjoy as well as the hydrothermal steam room.

12 Gage Restaraunt

Make sure you make a reservation at the 12 Gage Restaraunt, you won't regret it. The restaurant has their staple menu items, but also rotates seasonal items so no matter how many times you visit the restaurant you can always try something new. If you love spicy, try the chicken fried steak topped with creamy jalapeño gravy, seasonal veggies, and mashed potatoes. Also here is a pro tip: someone order the Caesar Kale Salad and someone order the Ribeye Steak, share, and you can have the best of both worlds.

White Buffalo Bar

If you love good drinks, stop by The White Buffalo Bar and grab a drink before your dinner reservation. We have tried just a few drinks from here and they have all been excellent. The Prickly Pear Margarita is by far my favorite, but a close second is their Texas Cooler.

The Gage Gardens

Located across from The Gage Hotel is the Gage Gardens. We almost always go for a walk after dinner in the Gardens. Trust me you won't regret it. The views are amazing and not to mention it is a great place to take a picture to capture the memories.

The Gage Pool

If you are visiting The Gage in mid-summer make sure you bring your swimsuit as it gets REALLY REALLY hot! The Pool area has an out door bar and makes for a perfect relaxing day by the pool. You can also order a cheese board from the White Buffalo Bar to have a pool side snack.

The V6 Coffee Bar

If you are a breakfast eater or love coffee The V6 Coffee Bar is the place to go. I always get the cinnamon honey breve and I have never been disappointed.

V6 Collection

Located next to the coffee shop is a really unique shop. If you are a shopper you will not be disappointed. There is a kid section in the shop so you can grab a surprise for your child before you head home or a souvenir for yourself.

Brick Vault Brewery and Barbecue

Lunch time! Nothing says Texas like a little BBQ. The barbecue at this restaurant was outstanding. While I do love some barbecue, the sides are always my favorite. Try out the green Chile Mac and cheese and the creamed corn while you are there. Don't forget to grab a beer at the brewery located inside the restaurant. The Howdy is my favorite. It is an American classic cream ale and is very refreshing.

The Iconic Skull Wall

The art and decor of The Gage is spectacular. Before you head out make sure to take a picture by the skull wall. Located in the courtyard next to the entry way of the hotel.

The Gage Hotel in Marathon is worth the drive. Gather your girlfriends or your loved one and book a room today! The memories will last a lifetime.

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